• Bulk Supply of All FuelsPetrol, Diesel, Jet fuel, Aviation gasoline, Paraffin, LPG
  • ParaffinLamps and Lighting Fuel, Heating Oil, Jet Engine Fuel, Fire Entertainment, etc
  • LPG the Clean Energy SourceBulk supply of LPG for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural and Mining
  • JET A1We supply aviation turbine fuels
  • Fuel TransportationAn efficient and effective bulk supply transport network

LPG is an abbreviation used to describe Liquefied Petroleum Gas, a group of gases that typically containing three or four carbon atoms per molecule. It is primarily made up of 60% propane and 40% butane. It forms part of homogenous goods. LPG as a liquid is colourless and as a vapour cannot be seen. Pure LPG has no distinctive smell, but for safety reasons, a stanching agent is added prior to distribution to aid detection by the human nose at very low levels. LPG is a natural source used to generate power for use by domestic and commercial customers. LPG is a clean energy source and is used mainly as a thermal fuel in numerous applications. It burns cleanly, releasing few sulphur emissions and posing no ground or water pollution hazards.

At home or away, LPG is there to provide you with all your energy needs. In fact, it is the most flexible and versatile fuel for cooking, heating, drying, lighting and grilling. It provides you with an instant cooking flame as well as with the correct amount of heat required. Moreover, LPG helps to keep your kitchen clean as it does not form any soot nor blacken your pan bottoms or kitchen ceiling. We can be used for Cooking, Heating, Lighting, Cooling, Braaing, Clothes-drying, etc.
These include for example, a shopping centre with several restaurants that may have one bulk tank of LPG, reticulated to individual restaurants or stores. KFC and Steers typically use cylinder manifolds. Hospitals and Mines are amongst the top consumers of LPG. The commercial sector consumes about 85% of the current LPG supply.
LPG can be used in many applications in the industrial sector namely in space- and process-heating, powering industrial ovens, production of food, kilns, furnaces, production of packing material as well as in powering forklift trucks in warehouses. Some of industrial application includes: Ceramic, Food Processing, Metal Processing, Textile, Printing, Chemicals Production, Forklifts, etc
Clean, cost-effective and easily controllable, LPG can be used in any crop or agricultural application. Potatoes, wheat, maize and onions can all be dried economically and very efficiently thanks to LPG. From keeping livestock warm to providing a cleaner burning fuel for drying or growing any kind of agricultural product, LPG is used by farmers in dozens of different ways every day. Thanks to this ‘modern’ green fuel, farmers and growers are able to increase their output and improve the quality of their products. Some of uses includes: Green House Heating, Flame Weeding, Crop Drying, Poultry Rearing, Waste Incineration, Distillation, etc.
Metallurgy uses heat treatments to meet the demand for highly specialised metals. Heat treatment consists in modifying the original structure of the metal or alloy in order to obtain mechanical specifications. This is done while using a precise thermal cycle that includes heating, maintaining a high temperature and cooling. Some heat treatments need a controlled atmospheric environment and the production of such an environment is possible in furnaces where LPG is used since combustion products have no contact with the furnace wall (thus avoiding any oxidation processes). Using LPG in this process allows the industry to manufacture products of a higher quality thanks to its flexible usage and low maintenance costs. LPG can also be used in applications involving surface treatment such as paint drying and galvanisation.